tisdag 4 maj 2010

Renaissance Revival?

I write the column A Renaissance Revival? in TCS Daily 31 July 2003.
The old ideas of technocracy and scientism are still among us.
Today, fine art and engineering are about as far apart as two disciplines can get. One is all about aesthetics and beauty; the other is all about functionality and measurement.
Those few people who try and bridge the gap between the two are looked on as crankish: the painter who paints pictures of steam trains, architects who put heating ducts on the outsides of buildings, science writers who wax poetic, and of course the artists who just looks at technology by only integrating a new technical media (as all of those installations in the 1990s showed). Most people on either side regard these efforts as futile and messy. But all of this would sound like complete gibberish to an educated child of the Renaissance.
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