fredag 7 maj 2010

RFID: Tagging along

I write my column Tagging Along in TCS Daily on 13 April 2004.

Despite the big-brother hype, RFID technology has benefits

The days of supermarket bar codes are numbered. Soon the cashier won't even have to pull merchandise across a laser beam (over and over again...). Smart chips will record which can of soda pop has been pulled from the shelf and who pulled it; shoppers will be able to leave the store and all databases and credit accounts will update themselves.

Bar codes have long helped retailers keep track of their inventory. But now we are in for a radical change. RFID, radio frequency tags, not only will revolutionize the retail industry but will also affect much of our everyday life. When prices fall on the technology involved, RFID could be used to identify just about anything and store information on it.

But in a world where all objects can tell a receiver where they are, what will happen to privacy?

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