torsdag 6 maj 2010

Swedish Chemistry Lessions

I write the column Swedish Chemistry Lessions in TCS Daily 28 October 2003.
Stockholm REACH -- the decline of the precautionary principle?
The recent conference Understanding chemicals control policies: an international perspective held here highlighted the stark differences in how the US and the EU apply the precautionary principle -- especially when it comes to Europe's controversial new chemicals directive, REACH.

It's no accident that the conference was held in Stockholm, particularly since the EU's environment commissioner, Sweden's Margot Wallström, has been instrumental in drafting the Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals legislation. While the final version of that much-criticized directive is being toned down, by placing it under the jurisdiction of member states' ministries for industry rather than for the environment, and by giving more consideration to maintaining the competitiveness for European industry, it still is a matter of much concern, and not just to European businesses in the chemicals sector.
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