onsdag 28 november 2018

Why are thousands of Swedes inserting microchips?

Why are thousands of Swedes inserting microchips? Lately, there has been a lot of discussion and media attention internationally regarding biohacking in Sweden. What would drive such a trend?

Moa Petersén lecturer in Digital Culture at Lund University addresses the topic on June 20th in The Conversation: "Thousands of Swedes are inserting microchips into themselves – here’s why". Moa Petersén traces one of the sources of the biohacking trend to the Swedish transhumanist movement.

I am honored that Petersén in her article linked my speech at TransVision in Brussels to provide the backstory of transhumanism's development in Sweden.

The article in The Conversation has also been published in The Independent on June 21st, The Local on June 22nd, Quartz on June 25th, Irish Examiner on June 26th, and Unboxholics on July 1st.

Svenska kan tvingas till DNA-test i London

Den 5 september 2007 skriver Realtid.se om att en av Storbritanniens mest erfarna hovrättsdomare kräver nu att myndigheterna upprättar ett h...