söndag 27 april 2014

Preface to Biopolitics

I write the English preface of Biopolitics: A Transhumanist Paradigm.

This seminal and controversial essay, the Italian original of which appeared in print in 2003, contains a coherent and passionate pro-tech discussion of most issues relevant to biopolitics and “wet” transhumanism, in the light of continental philosophies of Becoming - namely those of Nietzschean, Futurist and posthumanist descent, as the crucial questions of our age and collective destinies. As such, it offers a transhumanist and Promethean perspective on what we should think and make of GMOs, environmental policies, eugenics, cyborgisation, demography, biodiversity, reproduction technologies, genetic engineering, medical research, cloning, national health programmes, life-extensionism and self-directed evolution.

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Vladimir Putins mål i fotbolls-VM

via GIPHY VM i fotboll 2018 känns som en tidskapsel. Det är det mest politiskt kontroversiella sedan 1978, då den argentinska militärju...