fredag 2 april 2010

1999 was the new 1968

I interviewed Anders Sandberg, at the Future of Humanity Institute in 2009. That was ten years after the Extro-4 conference in 1999. We discussed the changing role of the internet, the past decade's developments in neuroscience and politics. What possible technological and societal changes are ahead of us this decade until the year 2019?

In the interview, I take the approach of Karl Palmås and Otto von Busch in their book Abstract Hacktivism that the dotcom era of 1999 was a groudbreaking year, similar to the revolutionary 1968. The societal and technological environment of the late 90's created new ideas about how society works and how it can be changed.

The Road from Berkeley tracks the developments since 1999

The rise of modern transhumanism tracks changes within the philosophy

In Switching to open source organizations the new societal situation is explained

The internet has become an intrinsic part of society. The death of cyberspace discusses how Web 2.0 changed our perception of the internet.

In thinking about the year 2019, we look forward to the upcoming decade.

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