måndag 3 maj 2010

Snus, a less harmful way?

I write my column A less harmful way? in TCS Daily on 15 November 2002.
Increasing the range of choices individuals can make is the right thing to do
The 3rd International Conference on Smokeless Tobacco was recently held in Stockholm, Sweden. Scientists from all over the world arrived to discuss tobacco prevention and public health effects.

One of the most interesting new strategies discussed was harm reduction, which means decreasing public health damages by shifting consumption from more dangerous sorts of tobacco to less harmful ones. Since the conference was held in Sweden, the traditional Swedish smokeless tobacco called snus - similar to chewing tobacco in the U.S. - was the main focus.

The reason to discuss smokeless tobacco is that there seem to be fewer health problems associated with it than with cigarettes (for instance, the absence of lung diseases), a lower potential for physical addiction, better potential for users to quit, and it is cheaper than either cigarettes or other smoking substitutes.
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