onsdag 5 maj 2010

Euro Nightmare

I write my column Euro Nightmare in TCS Daily on 11 September 2003.
Even before tragedy struck, Swedish politics had gotten ugly
The tragic murder of Sweden's foreign minister Anna Lindh, by a still unknown assailant in central Stockholm, has wreaked havoc on the debate leading up to this weekend's vote on whether the country will join the euro.
Despite the killing, the referendum will take place on Sunday as planned. Political violence is rare in Sweden (if it is the case that the Lindh stabbing was politically motivated) but not as rare as it once was before the murder on Prime Minister Olof Palme in 1986. The antiglobalist riots in Gothenburg in 2001, and various murders and bombings by left-and right extremists (mainly among themselves) have changed that.

The murder of Anna Lindh was in an eerie way a fitting conclusion to an electoral campaign that seldom discussed the euro itself to begin with.
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